The Red River Barn Quilt Trail Partnership

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The Red River Barn Quilt Trail Partnership is made up of individuals living along the Red River that separates Minnesota and North Dakota. We are committed to developing a barn quilt trail in the southern Red River Valley Our partnership hopes that with your help, we can create a number of barn quilts and develop a barn quilt trail in our community and the surrounding area.

We believe that the development of a barn quilt trail in our region will result in positive economic impact as a result of increased tourism and the resulting changes in local business sales. Bringing tourists, quilters, and barn quilters to our area would offer local rural business owners new customers as well as improve sales.

In 2015-2016 we plan to have mounted 15-20 barn quilts thus opening the Red River Barn Quilt Trail. At this point in our project we have the commitment of four local businesses to mount the barn quilts on their buildings; an exciting first step! We believe that once the first barn quilts are up, interest in the project will grow and there will be further development of the trail. Ultimately we would like to see over 100 barn quilts along the trail connecting 6 communities along the Red River.

Our partnership is eager to make the Red River Barn Quilt Trail a reality. It is our hope that showcasing our local heritage and pride through the development of the barn quilt trail will enhance the economics of our region and contribution to preserving our rich artistic heritage.