Barn Quilt Trail Guidelines


Guidelines for Joining the Red River Barn Quilt Trail 

A.  The barn quilt must be located in Richland County and Wilkin County.  Other locations will be considered upon request.

B.  The barn quilt must be a separate piece attached to a barn, shed, house, garage, business, post, or similar location.

C. The barn quilt must be visible from a public road.

D.  The barn quilt must be made of durable, high quality materials and paint.

E.  The barn quilt must have a family-friendly theme and design.  It can not be an advertisement for a business or industry.

F.  The barn quilt must have elements of traditional quilt design.

G. The barn quilt should avoid copyrighted materials.

H. The barn quilt should not contain wording, to avoid becoming a sign that is regulated by municipal ordinances.

I. The barn quilt belongs to the owner, who is responsible for maintaining its appearance.

J. The Red River Barn Quilt Trail Partnership (RRBQTP)  will use photographs of the barn quilt and its address on the RRBQTP website, RRBQTP Facebook page, and RRBQTP’s trail guide map.

K. The owner agrees to hold harmless RRBQTP, its officers, and its committee for and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, and causes of action related to the barn quilt and the Red River Barn Quilt Trail.