We Are Offering Incentives!

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Need a little push to get yourself going?

The Red River Barn Quilt Trail Partnership (RRBQTP) is ready to kick-off their Barn Quilt Trail Incentive Program. If you live in Richland County of ND or Wilkin County of MN and want to have a barn quilt along the barn quilt trail you may qualify for a financial reward once your barn quilt is displayed.   We have raised funds to provide a limited number of financial incentives for individuals willing to paint and display a barn quilt on their property. If you would like to know more send us a message.


  1. Your barn quilt must be completed and displayed by April 15, 2016.  Date extended through Fall 2017.
  2. The amount of the financial payment will be based on the size of the barn quilt.
    • Barn Quilts measuring 4’x4’ will receive $50.00.
    • Barn Quilts measuring 8’x8’ will receive $100.00.
  3. Smaller Barn Quilts can become a part of The Red River Barn Quilt Trail but are not included in the incentive program.
  4. The barn quilt must meet all guidelines of RRBQTP.