About Our Barn Quilt Trail

We love Barn Quilts! We love them so much that a group of excited quilters, artists, crafters, and community members have come together to create a trail of these bold beautiful works of folk art.


Barn quilts are painted, bold public art that are geometric patterns painted in bright, solid colors on wood.  These large pieces of wood are painted to look like a quilt block.  Once seen only in the eastern part of the United States, they are now seen throughout the US and Canada.  Their purpose, aside from offering a splash of color to a farmyard, is to celebrate women’s contributions to our rural communities and agriculture.  Barn Quilts can be found mounted on the sides of barns, garages, houses, sheds, and fences.  They can be free-standing in a yard and integrated into a garden. 

The Red River Barn Quilt Trail Partnership is excited to bring together individuals interested in developing a new barn quilt trail in the rural Red River Valley of Minnesota and North Dakota.  Crooked Lane Farm Folk School is proud to host the development of the new Red River Barn Quilt Trail.  Visitors to Crooked Lane Farm often note the Barn Quilts located on a number of buildings.

CLFFS KICKSTARTER Final Slideshow copy.021

Barn quilt trails can be found in many rural ares in the US and Canada.  The trails, developed by groups of local residents with a love for quilts, are routes where individuals can travel a route to view Barn Quilts mounted on barns, houses, fences, or freestanding signs.  Once developed, rural communities experience economic benefits as a result of visitors traveling the trails and utilizing businesses along the route.     

The rural Red River Valley of Minnesota and North Dakota is the perfect location for a barn quilt trail.   Planning is underway as volunteers come together to learn about trails in the US and associated economic impact.  They have begun to  explore a proposed route and and what establishing the trail will entail.

We invite you to join us!

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